Professional Hair Transplantation
with a Unique Hair Restoration Program

FUE Hair Transplant in Budapest

Reclaim your Confidence and Youth in Budapest.
Highest European Standards for Half of the Price!




FUE Hair Transplant in Budapest

Reclaim your Confidence and Youth in Budapest.
Highest European Standards for Half of the Price!




FUE S.A.F.E. System™

Affordable and Effective Solution in Hair Transplant

Let the results speak for themselves

Meet the Professional Hair Team

Our Hair Transplant Surgery Specialists are all Certified Physicians


In Hungary to be able to perform hair transplant, you need to be a certified physician. Our doctors are young yet experienced specialists, they are highly motivated, accurate and caring.


English-speaking Assistance and Crew

We know how important is it to feel safe and comfortable if you choose an operation abroad. Our staff speak English and we are eager to make you feel like home during your stay.


At Professional Hair Clinic Budapest we are commited to the highest quality. Therefore we use only the original American-made Harris S.A.F.E. System™ FUE Instruments.

We perform over 600 hair transplant operations a year.

As the operation takes place mostly in a sitting position you can read, watch a movie or work on your laptop during the procedure. We find it important that not just the transplantation is a success than an overall pleasant and comfortable day has been spent at the Professional Hair Clinic Budapest.


Hair Transplant is a minimally invasive surgical procedure so you will remain fully conscious the whole time as only local anesthetic is required.

A Hair Transplant Surgery Specialist extracts hair follicles from the donor area (typically the back of the neck) using a American-made specialised extraction instrument 0.8-0.9 mm in diameter.

Hair follicles are removed randomly resulting in less density in the donor area which many say is not even noticeable.

The extraction of the hair follicles takes 3-4 hours.


You are our guest for lunch. While you are enjoying your meal, our technicians get the hairs prepared for transplantation.

Follicles are then transferred by the Surgery Specialist to the recipient area on your scalp. Using a fine needle, the grafts are placed one-by-one.

The hair grafts are placed evenly into the small openings to match your existing hair pattern, angulation and desired density.

After the procedure we will provide you with clear instructions on aftercare, as well as medication.

Kalman got 2500 hair implant, he paid 1350 EUR.

Istvan got 2500 hair implant, he paid 1350 EUR.

Livia got 4500 hair implant, he paid 2250 EUR

Stephan got 5500 hair implant, his operation cost 2660 EUR.

It is not easy to make a treatment decision.
We give you 100% hair guarantee to assure you, you will be in the best hands.

Guarantee for a permanent result

Your implanted hair will stay and grow for a lifetime. Transplanted hair is taken from the back of the scalp and is resistant to DHT, the hormone that causes male pattern baldness. Using your own hair results in a perfect natural look.

No scars or marks left after surgery

We guarantee there will be no scars or marks left after surgery. Little scabs and redness on the recipient site disappear within 7-10 days. Both donor and recipient sites will heal with no visible marks left.

100% hair guarantee

We hope our highly skilled doctors and amazing results make you feel reassured by our reputation for reliability and quality. But to give you even greater peace of mind we now give our clients a lifetime gurantee on all hair restoration procedures.


4-Star Hotel within walking distance of the Hair Clinic and Transfer from/ to the Airport are included: From the second you land in Budapest we take care of you. We assure the transfer from the airport to the Hotel. When the first medical check is scheduled we pick you up at the hotel and walk you to the clinic. Breakfast is included, and you are our guest for lunch.
Budapest is one of Europe’s Safest and most Beautiful Cities to Visit: The capital of Hungary, Budapest, became one of the safest cities in Europe to visit. You might find lower prices going further east but we can 100% guarantee your safety while your stay with us.
Prices are cca. 50% Off in Comparison of other Western-European Hair Transplant Offers: Hair transplant in Budapest is the golden mean between West and East. The prices are much lower than in Western-Europe while the standards are the same. You might find even lower prices going further east but if it’s essential for you to feel safe and secure, Budapest is the right choice for you!

Willo Flood (Manchester City, Dundee United) experienced hair loss early in life. Checking several clinics from UK to Turkey he chose to fix his hairline at Professional Hair Clinic Budapest.

1. Take pictures!

Take photos showing the following angles: front hairline, top of the scalp, two sides, back of the scalp. These 5 photos will allow your online consultation to be as close as possible to an in-person consultation.

2. Use the contact form

Please fill out the consultation form and share with us your contact information and hair pictures. We will then contact you within 1 working day to arrange an online appointment.

3. Our team of experts examine the photos!

Our Hair Transplant Surgery Specialists thoroughly examine your photos. The number of hair to be transplanted is accurately estimated.

4. We send you an offer

We give you a price offer for the treatment. You will receive a quote and a treatment plan from the specialist. If you give us the opportunity to restore your hairline, we keep in touch through your preferred way of communication (phone, e-mail, Whatsapp) to schedule the operation and discuss the details of your stay.

Would you like to arrange an online consultation or receive a non-binding quotation? Use the following contact form to arrange an online consultation (FREE!) Please fill the form below, attach 5 pictures of your head from all sides and we'll get in touch with you shortly.

At our clinic we use the latest FUE2 Safe System method. We give you a 100% guarantee on all our hair transplantations, and offer a special hair conditioning program too keep your hair strong and vital.

Do not hesitate to contact us! We aim to answer within 24 hours!